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The Whitlam Institute – What Matters 2017

What matters to you? We all have different things we’re passionate about and a voice we’d like to share. We ourselves are big fans of storytelling so we were thrilled to produce a video celebrating a new generation of storytellers. The Whitlam Institute approached us to document their 2017 What Matters Essay Competition, where school students across the country¬†talk about issues that are dear to their hearts.

The video was set up in two parts, an interview component plus a presentation ceremony for all winners. We really wanted to capture the rawness, innocence and eloquence of all the finalists. Which is why we chose to incorporate video portraits of each student looking straight into the camera. The idea was to make this video as inspiring as possible and encourage more and more kids to keep participating in this competition year after year.

The marketing team from the Whitlam Institute intends to use this video as a means to demonstrate the importance of the competition and to raise funding for future years.

Illustration by Paste Studios

January 29, 2018


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