Paste Studios / Single O Sydney – 2017 Australian Aeropress Championship

Single O Sydney – 2017 Australian Aeropress Championship

We are big coffee lovers here at Paste Studios so were absolutely stoked when asked to film the 2017 Aeropress Championship at Single O Sydney. The Australian contingent of this highly acclaimed international award came together for a night of good vibes, fueled by great coffee. We wanted to capture the laidback nature of the event but also place a highlight on the incredible expertise of the Aeropress masters. Making a good coffee seems simple enough, but these guys and girls show just how meticulous you have to be!

We worked closely with the Single O marketing team to create a wrap video that really captured the essence of the event. These days, coffee is a serious business but we worked hard to really show how fun and easy going this world can be. Everyone was basically there because they love a good brew and delicious food.

If you need us, we’ll be sipping some caffeinated delights down at Single O, see you there!

Illustration by Paste Studios

January 18, 2018


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