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Bossi Bicycles – Photography & Video Content

Paste Studios would love to introduce you to a new Sydney-based bike brand, Bossi Bicycles. We’ve always felt the most comfortable on two wheels. So we jumped at the chance to spend the day with some incredible bikes and create beautiful content for the Bossi team.

Naturally, as a new business, the client’s aim was to get as much bang for buck as possible in terms of assets and imagery. Paste Studios decided the best way to do this was deliver both video and photography in one project. We shot both components simultaneously in one day to create a comprehensive bank of imagery.

As much as we wanted to showcase the collection of Bossi Bicycles, this project as all about Sydney. It was about trying to convey the beauty of Sydney and the love of cycling through Sydney. We really wanted to show how beautiful it is to discover your city on two wheels. Maybe even notice things that you may not have seen before. We shot in three different locations across Sydney: Clovelly Beach, the CBD and Anzac Bridge.

It’s always exciting to work with local brands and be able to watch them grow. We love seeing small businesses succeed and helping to boost their social media followings over time. It’s forever a pleasure to be part of a growing community.

Illustration by Paste Studios

November 9, 2017


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