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4 Ounces Burger Co – Food Photography

Where do you go in Sydney for a killer burger served with a slice of hip-hop? Make a beeline for 4 Ounces Burger Co in Alexandria who cook up concoctions like The Common and The Ghostface. Paste Studios was approached by owners Mitch Coleman and Rory Donnelly to photograph their epic menu for web and social outputs. The guys wanted some clean and simple photographs that matched their restaurant’s chilled and laidback theme. So we styled the shoot with a nod to the 90s hip-hop legends on the 4 Ounces menu and brought in props like Nike sneakers, Polo caps, POSCA pens and baseball cards.

Although this new eatery is 100% committed to only using sustainable produce and ingredients, the boys wanted to show that they don’t take themselves too seriously. The burgers just speak for themselves and 4 Ounces is just a chilled hangout where you can grab a bite after work and have a beer.

This project was loads of fun as the Paste crew love all things hip-hop and are huge supporters of local, small business. We think that everyone needs to try a burger here because you won’t be disappointed. Ironically, cash doesn’t rule everything around them though. There are no dollar dollar bills to be seen at 4 Ounces, the┬árestaurant accepts card only!

Illustration by Paste Studios

November 21, 2017


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