Photography kit for road trips

Road Trip Essentials for Photographers

Heading away on a road trip anytime soon? We think that there’s no better time to take your camera along for the ride. One thing that makes shooting from the on the move a lot easier is having a small and well-organised travel photography kit. Packing everything in its own place means that you always know where things are. A huge plus while you’re moving about.

The Film Kit

For us, there’s something really nostalgic about going on a road trip. It reminds us of family camping holidays and weekend getaways from our childhoods. We remember our folks with their film cameras at the ready, capturing memories to pop into photo albums. (Remember photo albums?!) That’s why we also take an analogue film camera whenever we go away. What we’re currently shooting on is a Nikon FM2 for 35mm rolls and a Mamiya C330 for medium format film. We know that old school film might not be for everyone, but we really love the back to basics simplicity of it all.

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The Digital Kit

It’s a no brainer for us to take a DSLR on every trip we go on. To keep our travel photography kit as light as possible we choose to shoot on a Sony A7R. This mirrorless camera produces amazing quality images with awesome dynamic range. It’s small body means that its easy to carry around on long hikes or while venturing through the streets of busy cities. We usually alternate between a 50mm f/1.4 lens and a 24-105mm f/4 to make sure we can capture a nice variety of shots while we’re on the road.

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The Point-and-Shoot

We always recommend taking a point-and-shoot film camera when going on a road trip. Something like a Yashica TZoom is awesome because everything is automatic, all you have to do is literally point and shoot. A really easy to use film camera like this means no fussing about with manual settings and you can just pull up to a mountain / bridge / beach and snap away quickly. The film grain that comes out in these photos add a really nice texture and point of difference to digital landscape shots.

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Everyone’s travel photography kit will always be varied dependent on what they like to shoot. Don’t let us preach about the type of gear you should take because everyone is different. This is just a little insight into what we carry for all of our holiday snaps. Let us know what’s in your travel kit by emailing us at

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