Young Henrys Brewery- Brand Video

Paste Studios / Young Henrys Brewery- Brand Video

Young Henrys Brewery- Brand Video

Young Henrys Brewery Newtown.

It is argued  that the main reason for mans will to abandon the nomadic lifestyle and settle in one area is to farm grain to be able to produce the worlds most consumed alcoholic beverage- beer.
After teaming up with the Young Henrys Brewery in Newtown, our brief was to create a visually stimulating pice outlining the process of brewing beer. Often ignored, the amount work that goes into creating a great beer of complexity and taste proves to be a delicate balance between cooking and science.
Paste Studios and Young Henrys brewery explore the visual side of all things beer. Our intention was to showcase the art of how some of Sydney’s finest beers are made at this ever- evolving brewery in Newtown. From the minute the delivery of grain arrives at the brewery to when the last drop at the bottom of the keg is poured, punters will always enjoy the stunningly original ales and lagers this crafty little brewery produces.
So raise your glasses and enjoy another one of your favourites. Cheers!

Music credit- Dave Rodrigues.

Make sure you swing by the tasting bar at the Young Henrys Brewery too.

Illustration by Paste Studios

August 29, 2016


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