Vanishing Elephant – The Anti-Hero look book video

Paste Studios / Vanishing Elephant – The Anti-Hero look book video

Vanishing Elephant – The Anti-Hero look book video

Sydney Men’s and Women’s wear label Vanishing Elephant approached us for their Summer ’14 Anti-Hero Collection look book video.

This look book video was created to focus on the detail that ‘The Anti Hero’ range paid particular attention to. Attention to detail was the driving force behind this range, inspired loosely by american sporting apparel. The brief was aimed at strange framing and and irregular point of view.
The press release read: The Benchwarmer; riding the pine. Our hero has found their place and is at one with it. Make no mistake; they have talent it just isn’t within the sporting arena.
Welcome to Spring ’14, the anti-hero. Adored for the wrong or right reasons, who’s to say? Perhaps just an honest approach to having fun.
The outfits are sports inspired, more emphasis on the inspiration and less on the perspiration. These Athletic ideals don’t crave fame! No idols in sight, no numbers to pin to the wall and no cries from the bleachers, just good old fun.
Our take on the active aesthetic. Clean lines, sharp paneling and functional fabrics with a colour palette that feeds through strong navy, textured charcoals and highlights of white, orange and light blue.

Dustin O’Halloran
Song: Opus 23
Album: Piano Solos Vol. 2
Year: 2006

Paste Studios have been working with Vanishing Elephant for a few years now, bringing them content by the likes of social media campaigns, look book videos, social media videos, fashion show coverage, and branding content.

Illustration by Paste Studios

August 29, 2016