Thundamentals – Home In Your Head Live Music Clip

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Thundamentals – Home In Your Head Live Music Clip

Thundamnetals ‘Home in your head ft Mataya’ at Def Wolf Studios Live Music Clip
We shot with the talented Blue mountains/ Sydney Hip Hop Crew Thundamentals at Def Wolf Recording Studios located in Redfern, Sydney. Thundamnetals are currently making big moves on the scene with sold out tours, high radio rotation play and Topping Album & Song charts.
‘Home In Your Head ft Mataya’ is the opening track off the Thundamentals third & latest LP Album ‘So We Can Remember’ through Obese Records. This Studio Video rendition offers a visual perspective to accommodate this slow paced emotive mix of rap/soul and electronic production that Thundamentals have become notorious for.
The video showcases this tight knit crew naturally doing their thing and doing it well, and at the same time enjoying it. Visuals of Jeswon and Tuker performing lyrics in the live studio environment conveys their reminiscing raps providing a deeper insight into these guys and there attitude towards what they are doing, the music they are making and how far they have come since the begginnging. DJ Morgs is keeping it calm and collect on this one with inconspicuous vinyl scratches and a bit of bell shaking. Newest crew member Poncho gets his multi tasking on with some haunting sounds on the vocoder and cool beat samples.
In addition this Live Music Clip features the beautiful Mataya displaying Her stunning vocal ability in the mesmerizing hooks and Chippa casually plucking away on the enchanting Guzheng (traditional chinese harp).
Overall this was a fun project to be involved in for Paste Studios, we had a great time working with all the artists and shooting the performance. The process was very organic as we made shooting decisions based on each performers roll and the music they were making.
Audio Recorded and mixed by Dave Hammer and Ryan Brennan @Def Wolf Studios

Illustration by Paste Studios

August 29, 2016


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