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The Fine Food Store

Illustration by Paste Studios
The Fine Food Store:

Paste Studios recently had the pleasure of working on some designs from renowned designer Curtis Jinkins from Neighborhood Studio in the USA. Curtis has been an inspiration to our design work for some time and we was thrilled to be able to further the application of some of his designs through the avenue of The Fine Food Store in The Rocks, Sydney. The new badge-style logo was passed on to us to apply to various items of branding including but not limited to Jam Jars, Breakfast Oats, Olive Oil, Stickers, Coffee loyalty cards, Blank labels for ‘hand made’ style sauces, Stickers, a Menu design, Business card design, and a catering menu design. We all LOVE a good coffee here at Paste Studios, and we’d like to think we call a spade a spade. In saying that, The Fine Food Store has some of Sydney’s BEST coffee! If you’re ever in The Rocks, don’t be a stranger and make sure that you drop past for a piccolo or two. They are also opening a Coffee bar on Oxford St, Darlinghurst which we can’t wait to try.


August 26, 2016