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Second Origin startup branding

Sydney based furniture design company Second Origin – Sustainable Custom Designs run on a sustainable ethical business motto. They re-use materials from deconstructed bridges, buildings, and various other sources and create beautifully stunning rustic furniture using the remains of the dismantled items. Their brief was fairly broad – it started from needing business cards on recycled craft paper to promote their ‘green’ and ‘recycled’ ethos, but soon developed into a full-blown company startup branding project including logo design, optimised E-commerce website, full range product shoot, and product catalogue.

The logo brief for Second Origin – Sustainable Custom Designs required a visual representation of what the furniture stands for – reused, rustic, and clean. After much drafting and playing with timber textures and wood block style prints / stamps we developed the Tree Stump style logo as pictured. They also required that their tagline ‘Sustainable Custom Designs’ feature in the logo signature. The subtle timber texture knocked out from the type ties in the ‘rustic’ and ‘reused’ feel while displaying it on stark white evokes the ‘clean’ feel that they were after.

“Our purpose is to improve the environment by creating sustainable, strong, modern furniture in Sydney, Australia. We use recycled hardwoods in all of our products and plant 50 trees every time an item is sold. We have an existing range of furniture and also create custom designs. Second Origin also specialises in commercial projects such as cafes, bars and restaurants and home renovations including kitchen bench tops, flooring and stair treads.” It was incredibly important for our startup branding to reflect Second Origin’s design philosophy.

It was important to Style each product in the photo shoot for consistency’s sake and also to display how the furniture can work in any environment. The formula that we employed for the ‘Products’ page on the website was to shoot the product front on with nothing on it, then at a 45-degree angle with nothing on it, and lastly, a shot of the piece in a contextual environment which mimics someone’s house.  We chose the location to accentuate the ‘rustic feel’ that the furniture evokes, and also allows the furniture to exist in a place that is not a typical domestic environment.

Illustration by Paste Studios

March 18, 2016


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