Paste Studios / Michael Bennet Artist profile video

Michael Bennet Artist profile video

BENNETT has been a good friend of us all here at Paste Studios for a while now, so we were honoured to be able to help him with commencing the next step in his career as an artist. He approached us with 3 separate briefs: a video, a photograph set, and a book design.
Perspective – An Artist Profile: Michael Bennett
Bennett’s video remained title-less until minutes before he boarded a flight to New York City, however it couldn’t be more fitting. This video addresses his perspective: the practice involved in making a Bennett painting, his inspirations, his references, his emotive cycle that corresponds with each painting and an outlook into the future of Sydney based artist Michael Bennett. Although 2014, 2015 and perhaps beyond sees Bennett travelling the world with his art, completing a residencies in Berlin, and travelling to London and New York City to exhibit and grow, we have no doubt that sometime in the future he will land back in Sydney.
Collected Space(s) – A selection of paintings by Michael Bennett
Bennett’s art book titled ‘Collected Space(s)’ is a showcase piece documenting Bennett’s work in various Sydney gallery spaces. The brief for the book was to capture each artwork with a slightly different angle – to accentuate the harsh and angular forms found in many of Bennett’s works.
The publication is a 2-upSaddle stitched 120gsm satin finished document with raw 350gsm steel blue cover. 24 pages including cover. Contact the artist at thisisbennett(at) to organise a copy, or visit
All imagery for the publication was also photographed by Paste Studios.

Illustration by Paste Studios

August 26, 2016