Matt Gresham – Small Voices – Music Video

Paste Studios / Matt Gresham – Small Voices – Music Video

Matt Gresham – Small Voices – Music Video

Paste Studios was approached to create a Music Video for Australian singer/songwriter Matt Gresham and his song ‘Small Vocies’. Filmed in the Suburban area of St.Claire in western Sydney were able to adapt the quiet surrounding to the narrative of the clip giving it a slightly haunting and abandoned feel from the dark walking tunnel to the empty swimming pool.

Lead single Small Voices, produced by Scott Horscroft (Silverchair, Birds Of Tokyo) and written with Jaymes Young is one such example of Gresham expanding beyond his already popular aesthetic. With a soulful tenor that bounds over his placid acoustic guitar, Gresham is a favourite for laidback listeners raised (as he was) on the sounds of everyone from Ben Harper to Paul Simon.

“I try to stay open to genres and listen mostly to the writing and tones of instruments,” says Gresham. “Small Voices is a song about a man in jail missing his daughter, but I’ve also been thinking it could be about someone trapped in a city life who wants to break out and live in the forest.”

Western Australian born Matt Gresham came to the worlds attention since his appearance on The X Factor back in 2012. Since then He has proved his place in the Australian music scene and even around the Globe with his soulful singing, songwriting and rhythmic guitar playing.

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Illustration by Paste Studios

September 9, 2016


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