Paste Studios / Inside Retail Magazine January 2015

Inside Retail Magazine January 2015

Illustration by Paste Studios
Inside Retail Magazine January 2015:

Sydney Graphic Designers Paste Studios were commissioned to design the December 2014 / January 2015 Magazine for Sydney’s leading online retail blog: Inside Retail.  Inside retail demand trending graphic design along with a very tight deadline to execute each magazine, making designing every issue a great and rewarding challenge . The trade magazine covers current technology, current retail trends, predictions, and inside words from leading industry professionals. The magazine is published 6 times per year and can be subscribed to and found online at Each magazine is split into two parts: The main issue and also a technology special. Inside Retail covers ‘Inside news & views on the world of retail’, whilst Inside Retail Technology contains ‘What’s new, hot and happening in retail technology’. Their design brief consists of a clean magazine spread which should be creative enough to catch the eye on the news stands, but remaining professional enough so as to not confuse the reader. It’s about finding the perfect balance between executing each magazine with creativity whilst also keeping legibility and purpose clear.


August 26, 2016