Holey Moley Golf Club launch video

Launch Video for Holey Moley opening night
Paste Studios / Holey Moley Golf Club launch video

Holey Moley Golf Club launch video

Holey Moley Golf Club is a concept derived by Funlab Pty Ltd – proprietor of Strike Bowling, Sky Zone Au. Forget putt-putt golf as you know it – this is Holey Moley. Start with Pun-filled minigolf signage, add a delicious drinks menu, throw in some tiki theme, some retro video game paraphernalia and put on some golf visors, because Holey Moley is a blast. Designed by the legends at ‘Studio Yeah!’, the brief was unlimited, and Paste Studios were brought in to shoot their launch video. They had to redefine putt-putt golf for an older audience, and take away the ‘seriousness’ whilst keeping some healthy competition between friends.

Paste Studios was commissioned to cover the event’s unveiling in Fortitude Valley, QLD Australia, providing a launch video of the night. The venue is derived from an abandoned church, turned rock club, turned RnB superclub, turned putt-putt golf course. The event video captured the VIP opening night from start to finish and Paste Studios shot Video and Photography for the night.

We’ve worked with Studio Yeah! and Funlab many times before and each project we understand each other more and more. It’s great to be able to continue an ongoing relationship and build content with the brand whilst both knowing that we’re on the same page.

To quote Keith Walsh: Creative Director of Studio Yeah!:
“That video is fucking epic. And so are the photos.”

If you’re in the Valley, make sure to drop past www.holeymoley.com.au and book in 9 holes! No Ifs, Just Putts.

Illustration by alex

January 13, 2017