E-way Ad Campaign – Reducing License Plate Reads

Paste Studios / E-way Ad Campaign – Reducing License Plate Reads

E-way Ad Campaign – Reducing License Plate Reads

The Brief:
Paste Studios Worked with E-way on this Ad campaign to reduce License Plate Number reads on a minimal budget.  Paste Studios used an overarching strategy, merging traditional and online materials.   A campaign was delivered with exceptional results; Increasing customer acquisition, reducing leakage and reducing overall operating costs associated with license reading.  Original scope of campaign was 6 months and increased to two years, with parts that are still ongoing.

E-way® ‘SO MANY ROADS’ campaign


E-way Roadblock campaign in Situation on thetelegraph.com.au

Paste Studios have an ongoing relationship with E-way®. We have designed brochures, magazine ads, new vehicle flyers, envelopes, banners, billboards, novelty cheques, and trade stands.

Illustration by Paste Studios

August 25, 2016


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