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Doctor Pong

Illustration by Paste Studios
Doctor Pong Bar Sydney:

The main driving force behind doctor pong was to create a striking identity on a very tight budget. The bar featured a pingpong table in the middle of it – thus the name Doctor Pong. The client wanted a skunk for the logo, so i appropriated this simple punchy design of a skunk, with street art influences. The whole bar was themed on its community, the client wanted a “grungy” kind of feel to it whilst keeping a strong identity to tie everything together. The doctor pong identity set contains the Logo, Business cards, Telegraph Pole Posters, Free Drinks cards, Tab cards, Menu designs – including an advertising campaign for their $10 specials, Gift vouchers, Stickers, Countless events for the bar, and Stencilled designs on rickshaws (which you can still see cruising around the streets of sydney).


March 18, 2016


Graphic Design, Portfolio - Complete


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