A Broken Silence Music Video – Boom

Paste Studios / A Broken Silence Music Video – Boom

A Broken Silence Music Video – Boom

This is the new music video Paste Studios created for the track ‘Boom’ by A Broken Silence. The track Boom tackles the issues of corrupt governments and CEO’s in the world today. There is an emphasis in the song that there is a lot of evil doing in the world, which relate directly to powerful people making decisions which effect everybody else. The song is very energetic and explosive so the music video was made to convey the same feeling through the visuals. Using a variety of stock footage of disasters, riots, political figures and informative text overlays  we hoped to bring across the stimulating  message of the band. The delivery of rap lyrics by Torch at the podium making a public speech in contrast with the live band and singer ( Dan) in studio setting sequences make the message of the song more personal through performance where we see the emotion through there deliveries. Hailing from Sydney’s west, A Broken Silence launched on to the hip-hop rock scene in 2008. Breaking the silence with their debut LP All For What in 2009, the five-piece band quickly began to consume the ears of hip-hop and rock enthusiasts of the world. Look out for more songs from the new album “All the way down” and more Music Video collaborations between Paste Studios and A broken Silence this year ( 2017)

Illustration by Paste Studios

June 22, 2017


Graphic Design, Music Video


Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Music Video Clip