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Botton & Gardiner Catalogue Design

Illustration by Paste Studios
Botton & Gardiner Catalogue Design:

Paste has been working with Botton and Gardiner as a part-time graphic designer since 2009 up until the present. The opening spread shows the “Refurban” campaign – a concept in which the company buys back their old furniture and reconditions it for resale, lowering the carbon footprint needed to produce new furniture. Working with Graphic Designer Mariah Wahlberg, perhaps the main project undertaken was the launch of the new TETRA product range. Accompanying this launch was a rivet bound horizontal double sided spot varnished booklet, showcasing both the design of the new TETRA furniture product and also the simultaneous launch of Botton and Gardiner’s Infinity range. An ongoing project for me is the design and maintenance of their ever-growing catalogue (which is also currently undergoing a redesign). Botton and Gardiner relies quite heavily on print advertising in reputable furniture magazines such as Landscape Australia and Design quarterly, and displayed are the advertisements that i have designed for them. Catalogue Binder Detail Catalogue spread Spread Detail – Quadro Spread Detail – Tetra Spread Detail – Xofa Spine Detail


August 29, 2016