Born Lion – Rest in Pieces – Music Video

Paste Studios / Born Lion – Rest in Pieces – Music Video

Born Lion – Rest in Pieces – Music Video

This is the Music Video Paste Studios created for Sydney Punk band ‘Born Lion’ and the track ‘Rest in Pieces’. The track features Grenadiers front man Jesse Coulter singing alternate back and forth lyrics with John Bowker ( Born Lion).

The concept for the clip was to emphasise the two singers as separate voices battling it out in a aggressive manner so a split screen effect seemed appropriate way to convey this. The idea of two apposing gangs strutting through the streets and causing mayhem on route to battle was tribute to 1979 film  ‘The Warriors’. The gangs eventually collide with weapons in hand in a dramatic final punk rock battle in the canals.  Full band equipment setups were placed face to face on opposite sides of a water gap dividing the gangs creating a visual enforcing a war between them.

Illustration by Paste Studios

September 9, 2016