Beijing Being Film

Illustration by Paste Studios
Beijing Being:

We love videos. We love travelling. We love Asia. So when Film maker Emma Johnston approached Paste Studios about designing the artwork for her film about being a foreigner in Beijing, naturally we were stoked. The brief called for a set of posters, logotype, PC and phone / tablet wallpapers, Sticker set and some various fliers and marketing collateral for print and websites. I’ve always wanted to design a set of ‘Propaganda’ style posters, referencing the Russian revolution and more on topic – Chinese Propaganda. When i pitched this concept to Emma, she was already on the same page as me having noted that in her original concept for the set. There was no other person for the job: we teamed up with Sydney based illustrator and good friend of Paste Studios – Thomas Jackson. He illustrated a set of images that evoked themes from the movie and tied in with bold images of both the characters and landmarks from the film. We then appropriated the images into the above mentioned ‘Propaganda’ referenced style, and came up with everything you can see below! We love working with other creatives both for a project and also on a project. It’s great to see crowd funding working it’s magic based on a great concept that has the energy, time and patience available to produce great works, and the only thing it lacks is funding. Thanks to everyone who pledged to Beijing Being, and the result will no doubt be more than worth the wait. Support your local film festivals and for updates, merchandise, downloads and any additional information / news on when the film is due to be released, check


March 28, 2016


Graphic Design