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AYLA – Like The Other Kids – Music Video

Ayla “Like The Other Kids’ Music video clip was the result of 2 long days in Rural NSW in an abandoned train carriage on private property. The concept behind the music video (and the track in which it correlates)  was that  she wasn’t like the other kids. We wanted to steer away from a darker approach to this notion and have her totally content with the fact that she was by herself. We had access to a property in northern NSW with a train carriage that we used as the catalyst for the performance take. The rest of the clip compiled of scenes of an everyday life in AYLA’s content loneliness.

The treatment was pitched to Upstairs Music who loved the concept. AYLA’s stage name stems from a character in a series of 1980’s Sci-Fi novels, in which the character has a slingshot, lives in a barren land and fends for herself. Having no idea about this book, coincidentally the film clip touches on notions of this from afar!

Rolling Stone Au noted: The accompanying video’s nondescript storyline — rarely stretching beyond a documentation of our subject jaunting through a regional New South Wales ghost-town — forces the song to carry through on its own strength. It more than succeeds.

Huge thanks to Bailey the Kid for taking Behind the Scenes and social media shots for us over the two days. We couldn’t have asked for a better crew, talent, and client to work with! The whole shoot was executed seamlessly with the usual troubleshooting and problem solving handled quickly and professionally. The clip was Shot primarily on Sony FS5, while the Sony A7S mark 2 was utilized for glide cam shots. We kept the kit minimal to evoke a natural looking aesthetic while staying nimble and able to cover the content we needed.

Visit her website for more information and other music, and view the original video here.

Illustration by alex

October 21, 2016


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