Allan Smithy – The Streets – Music Video

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Allan Smithy – The Streets – Music Video

Allan Smithy – ‘The Streets’ is the new venture of former Tin Sparrow front man Matt Amery. The Streets is the first single from his solo ep and we were fortunate enough to be asked to create the visuals to accompany it. The video was premiered on Australian Rolling Stone, here is what they had to say about it:

“Allan Smithy is the adopted moniker of Matt Amery from Sydney folk-pop outfit, Tin Sparrow. True to his namesake, lead single, “The Streets”, is quintessentially Australian — unashamedly direct yet modestly understated, every confident command (“come down, get rescued”) delivered, alongside a backwards gaze and a sly larrikin wink.
The song’s video follows a similar path of paradox, blurring the line between the now and the nostalgic, partnering a pair of grey-haired seniors with the activities ordinarily reserved for teenager lovers. Skateboards are replaced by mobility scooters as the preferred getaway vehicle for their lazy rampage of shoplifting and toilet-papering. Meanwhile, there’s cheesy sunset scenes ripped straight from the promotion videos of retirement villages and more direct Hollywood parodies, including Killer Pythons favoured over spaghetti for a localised update of the famous Lady and the Tramp scene. It’s all tied together by a wonderfully hazy video treatment, shot through a memory perspective that perfectly matches the song’s own floating disposition.”

Illustration by Paste Studios

March 11, 2016


Music Video


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