Allan Smithy – Four Letter Reason – Music Video

Paste Studios / Allan Smithy – Four Letter Reason – Music Video

Allan Smithy – Four Letter Reason – Music Video

Allan Smithy is making big movements in the Australian music scene, and his new track ‘four letter reason’ is no exception. Paste Studios shot this Australian Music video clip in the Suburb of Gladesville where (under the pseudonym of) Allan Smithy grew up.

The music video touches on lines of the artist’s past as he walks through the streets of Gladesville, where he spent a healthy chunk of his childhood. The lyrics are an insight (or a window) into Smithy’s ever changing life, where the lyrics of the song describe everyone moving on for a four letter reason. We adapted this quite literally by using a window as a motif to be able to change scenes from one suburban shot to another.

To quote The Music: “Flying under the self-described banner of ‘nostalgia-Australiana’, Allan Smithy is here to fill your soul with warm, beguiling tunes designed to tap into deep feelings that reside in all of us as denizens of this wide, wonderful and weird country.”

The Australian music video scene is becoming more creative and we’re starting to see some really good things being pushed by the likes of I Know Leopard and ADKOB.

Illustration by Ed Renew

September 9, 2016


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