Allan Smithy – Air – Music Video

Paste Studios / Allan Smithy – Air – Music Video

Allan Smithy – Air – Music Video

This is the third Music Video Paste Studios have created for the talented Musician and friend Mr Allan Smithy. This video is for the track ‘Air’ of his debut EP ‘I See A Palm Tree’ released late 2016.

Air’ was written after the Darling Street, Rozelle fire in 2014. Living around the corner and heavily involved in the Rozelle community, Smithy created the single in response to the tragedy, channeling the emotions and perspective of those who had lost family and friends.

Paste Studio used the context of the song to stimulate a storyline for the video. ‘Air’  is a parallel between a surreal dream sequence and reality where we follow our main character Allan smithy struggle physically and emotionally through a traumatic experience,

when he believes he has lost the ones he loves. Smithy’s performs as both our narrative character on a underwater journey and our narrator through his ghostly vocal delivery to screen.

The idea from Smithy’s lyrics “You were the only thing I ever need, Air I have to breathe” we used as the basis for most the story where we convey his longing and compassion for his love( the mysterious female character portrayed in the video played by his actual girlfriend Steph)






Illustration by Paste Studios

January 12, 2017


Music Video


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