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Aisle 6ix Industries Brand Video

Screenprinting is something we’ve always loved. It’s an artform that deserves a major shoutout.¬†That’s why we jumped at the chance to create a brand video for Sydney screenprinter Aisle 6ix Industries.¬†Owner Shannon McKinnon wanted to tell the story of his business and give his customers an insight into the printing process. We’ve known these guys for a really long time, having printed a lot of our own Paste Studios gear here in the past. So we’re proud to have been part of this project that is all about creators who are keeping dying techniques alive.

We filmed Shannon and his staff inside the St Peters studio space to document just how extensive handprinting is. We included several process shots like the mixing of inks, coating of screens and the printers at work on the carousels. This footage was then paired with an interview with Shannon, explaining how his at-home hobby has turned into a fully-fledged business over the years. He started with humble beginnings, working from his house in Stanmore and now works with an array of local artists and brands to bring their designs to life.

This brand video was created for Aisle 6ix Industries social media pages and their website.

Illustration by May Tin

March 24, 2017


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