Love what you do? We do too, and we’re here to help! Paste Studios is a team of content creators. We're a Sydney based design studio that specialises in video production, graphic design, and photography. We’re the crew that can bring your stories to life.

Our mission is ‘Creating for Creators’ so we produce content for any creation you are passionate about. Whether you’re a musician / cafe owner / designer / astronaut / dog walker (anything at all!) we transform your ideas into visual realities. Drop us a line to chat about your project, we’d love to hear from you.

Meet the Paste Studios Team

Alex Botton

Creative Director

Paste Studios videographer Ed Renew

Ed Renew

Videographer / Producer

Paste Studios Sean McDermott Video Producer Sydney

Sean McDermott

Videographer / Editor

Photographer Ty Woolf Paste Studios Sydney

Ty Woolf

Photographer / Web Designer

Good Design

We want to live in a world with good design. We see atrocious and sometimes hilarious design every day and it really sticks out. We pride ourselves on only delivering impeccable design and being noticed for all the right reasons.

We are videographers, photographers, graphic designers, skateboarders, snowboarders, travellers and wanderers. Paste Studios is a team of creatives who have known each other for years. This means that there’s a unique synergy in the way we work, which gets transferred to every one of our clients. We make every effort to make you feel like you’re part of our team.

Honesty is Key

We have one philosophy that guides Paste – blatant honesty. Honest communication is the most important aspect of our client relationships. We always make a solid effort to listen to exactly what each client is looking for. This way the creative process is a breeze for everyone.

We’re not afraid to tell you if something is crap, and we expect the same in return from you. This means Paste Studios is constantly challenged and you always get the best from us. Our work reflects your business and we will never under deliver. Finding good content creators is difficult, but that’s where we come in.

Say Hello!

We can go on all day about how good we are, and to be honest, we’re pretty impressed that you’ve even read this far! If you like us, take a look at our portfolio, or get into contact with us to chat about your project.

We’re not your everyday design and video production team and we strive to keep it this way. We’re informal, lighthearted and love cracking a joke. You won’t find us in a fancy CBD office, our studio actually lives above a rustic barber shop in Marrickville. Grab a haircut at Tooth & Nail and then pop upstairs to visit Paste Studios.

We’re also big fans of practical jokes and hilarity.