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Why Your Business Needs An Instagram Video

You might have noticed that Instagram has recently started to focus heavily on video. First, it was extending post times from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, then adding view counts to each clip, and then the addition of stories to the app.
Instagram video has arrived and is here to stay. So we wanted to outline all the benefits and why your business needs an Instagram video strategy.

Save Money on Traditional Video Ads

40% of the 100o most popular Instagram videos are from brand accounts and not just everyday punters. This is because companies recognise that fewer people are sitting in front of a tv these days, but spending more time on their smartphones. So why pay for expensive television commercials when you can engage with your community for free? A short video works extremely well to show things like garments on a catwalk, a sports car boosting from 0-100, or a bartender mixing up your favourite cocktail. Whatever your business might be, we guarantee that there’ll be a video that helps you reach out to your community.

Holey Moley Mini Golf from Paste Studios on Vimeo.


Boost Conversions and Sales

With so many people shopping online these days, an Instagram video is an essential tool to help you better showcase your products to the public. Moving images are an excellent way of communicating to potential customers because the human brain is so visual.¬†Users who watch a demo, review or simple spotlight of an item are more likely to purchase – simply because they feel like they’ve seen the product in real life.

Vanishing Elephant – The Anti Hero from Paste Studios on Vimeo.


Engage the Senses

An Instagram video can do so much more for the senses than just a simple photo. Businesses are able to create a certain vibe with movement, music and editing techniques. All of these elements come together to create a short story that places users in a moment and makes them wish they were there. A video like this is particularly valuable for events companies, festivals, local tourism agencies, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Fairgrounds Festival 2016 from Paste Studios on Vimeo.


An Explainer or Process Video

Launching a new product or service? Or want to explain your creative process? There’s no better way to describe how it all works than with a little video clip. You will usually find explainer videos on websites to enhance product descriptions or to demonstrate the design process, but they are just as beneficial sitting on your Instagram feed. This type of video is particularly useful for small businesses. Deciding to get in front of the camera and explaining your work adds a really nice human touch that you don’t usually see from big corporations. In a retail environment where people are becoming more and more interested to ‘meet the maker’, this type of Instagram video is invaluable.

Young Henrys Brewery – Serve The People from Paste Studios on Vimeo.


Jump on board this marketing trend and start your Instagram video campaign today. It’s a simple and effective way of engaging with your tribe by revealing a bit more about your business. If you have any ideas in the works or don’t know where to even begin, then give us a yell! We are content experts here at Paste Studios and would love to help.